Top Five Cyber Monday Deals and Discount Codes

Top Five Cyber Monday Deals and Discount Codes

Whenever you read a Cyber Monday list like this, it’s always full of items like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and some 4K, bendable, ultra-thin tv that doesn’t even cook you breakfast. You can go to 5 different websites and find the same Cyber Monday list at each site. If the deals are so great, why is the coverage so poor? We don’t need to tell you about the TV and other deals like that because they are already being blasted to the far corners of the internet. Let’s make all items feel valued (All Items Matter #AIM)!

  1. Bose SoundSport Bluetooth Headphones – Cyber Monday Price: $99 (Reg. $149)
    Isn’t it the worst when you stand up from your desk or you jump during a workout and your wired headphones launch your phone across the room? It’s enough to make the happiest person go mad. That’s why at $99, these headphones are a steal. With some of the best sound on the market and a 6-hour battery life, your workouts and office life will be a lot less “destructive” and a lot more productive.BUY NOW
  2. FitBit Charge 2 + HR – Cyber Monday Price: $99 (Reg. $149)
    Speaking of workouts, this little non-invasive gadget can keep even the most unwilling exerciser on track. With the ability to count all calories burned throughout the day, a built-in step counter, a distance tracker, a sleep tracker, GPS in Running Mode, and a battery that lasts up to 5 days this little workhorse is exactly that – a workhorse. Pair it with the FitBit app more even more valuable metrics and you might have just found the perfect partner for that next 3-mile run. Now if only you could find your running shoes…BUY NOW
  3. Anova Precision Cooker – Cyber Monday Price: $99 (Reg. $149)
    Horrible cook but want to make everyone think you aren’t? Please meet the Anova Precision Cooker. This little “smart” device will let you “Set it, and forget it,” while creating the perfect steak, salmon, dessert, or whatever you can really think of. How many of your friend can make a perfect 24 hour roasted pot roast? None of them? Well, you can with this.BUY NOW
  4. Ancestry DNA Genetic Testing Kit – Cyber Monday Price: $54.99 (Reg. $99)
    It’s always interesting to think about who your ancestors were and where you actually came from. It can cause you to fall down a deep, deep rabbit hole and never really get all of the answers you want. With this kit, they do all of the work for you! Order your kit, send back a sample of your saliva and they will use your actual DNA to find your family history for you. Once ready, Ancestry will send you an email with your personalized link to your report that includes all sorts of information about you and your family history.BUY NOW 
  5. Nest Indoor Security Camera – Cyber Monday Price: $139 (Reg. $199)
    Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re not home? Is that even a question? Protect your house from invaders all the while knowing exactly what your dog does for those 8 hours you are at work. Warning: this item might make you sadder when leaving your dog. We warned you.BUY NOW


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