Another iPhone X Glitch? Say It Ain’t So!

Another iPhone X Glitch? Say It Ain’t So!

The iPhone X is great and all, but can it survive where you live?

Were you one of the many early adopters to get the new iPhone X and have still avoided breaking it into a million pieces? Lucky you! Augmented Reality, wicked sharp camera, full-screen display, wireless charging, and the list goes on. Outside of being one of the weakest iPhones ever made, there was one “hidden Easter egg” feature that Apple didn’t advertise with the new X. Live in a cold place? Good luck using this phone.

According to a slew of Reddit users, this new age phone stopped recognizing even the most basic functions used on the phone as soon as they stepped outside and it was anywhere near freezing. Apple’s user guide recommends ambient temperature when using iOS devices. This is all fine and dandy if you live in a place like… Cupertino, CA; where the temperature is perfect every day regardless of it is July or December. However, to the rest of us peasants schlepping around our phones in the middle of blizzards (I’m looking at you, New York), it doesn’t exactly bode well for the functionality of the phone. “Hey, John, is that your new iPhone X?” “No way, man! This is my iPhone 8! My iPhone X is at home by the fire, sipping a cup of warm tea, and watching The Price is Right.”  Luckily for all of you X owners, Apple has acknowledged the issue and is rapidly working on a fix, but hasn’t mentioned a release date. So, hold steady! A fix is coming; just not sure when. So, stare at your phone or throw it at a telephone pole, I guess.  I assume you will be able to find their engineers in a walk-in freezer around Cupertino, CA with their Canadian Goose down jackets on while mumbling “Who in the hell lives in this cold of weather?” Hey Apple, all of us do.

Written By: Brian 

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