Trump or Zeus?

Trump or Zeus?

Trump’s ability to light up Twitter is almost something of mythological proportions, but alas, here we are enduring every. single. one of them.  Regardless, you are either “Oohrah”-ing or shaking your head in utter embarrassment #covfefe.  The great thing is that if you aren’t on Twitter, you never experience these.  However, you probably sometimes feel like you are missing out on the “fun”.

Luckily for you, the people over at ParseError have your back with the new Political Lamp.  Filled with a fluffy cloud of pillow stuffing, not only is this a fine piece of art, but it’s connected to the Internet and more specifically to Zues’.. ahem… Trump’s Twitter feed.  The lamp is programmed so that every time he tweets about something a “lightning storm” goes off inside of the lamp informing you of a potential meltdown that is happening in real-time that is targetting who knows what, but something.  Forget about a political firestorm.  Try sneaking in the term political lightning storm next time.

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Written By Brian Flick

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