Twitter’s Newest Feature

Twitter’s Newest Feature

In a recent effort to draw users to Twitter, Twitter increased its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. This brought a lot of heated debate among users of the social media platform prized for its micro-blogging abilities. In another even more recent effort (less than 24 hours ago), Twitter released its newest feature “TweetStorm”.

Gone are the days of single tweet threads and having to piece them together because other people you followed tweeted in-between someone’s thread. With TweetStorm you are able to create a seemingly endless thread of tweets all within one tweet. Tweet rants are about to get real out of hand.

The roll-out of this feature might not reach everyone at once, but when it does, you will see a “+” when you go to the posting screen. Twitter mentioned in it’s blog about the new feature that they are trying to make Twitter more user-friendly when it comes to tweeting experiences and not just something that is mastered by the platform’s power users. With such rapid feature enhancements being released of late, it will be interesting what they will release next, if anything.


Written by Brian

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